bag of the blog

29 Jul

I made this one for my friend’s order today.  We both agree that it looks fantastic.  It is the matt finish oilcloth again and like the matt English Rose oilcloth it hangs beautifully.  In fact I have had to call it the ‘bag of this blog’ so far because it is fun and smart at the same time.  Great.

If you are at all inspired by the idea of making something with oilcloth, here are some hints that I have picked up from others on their blogs and also on some of the textile websites…take a look at Viva La Frida for Mexican Oilcloth.

HINTS:  DO use a teflon foot or if you don’t have one of these, which I don’t, put some masking tape on the bottom of your sewing machine’s presser foot, this stops the oilcloth sticking to it and potentially damaging your machine.  I speak from experience!

DO use a strong needle, I find the Denim needle is good.

Someone also suggested loosening the tension to between 1.5 and 3.  Check this out on your own machine.  I have and am not sure it makes a vast amount of difference on mine.  However all machines have their own quirks so DO practice on some bits to see if it helps you.

Another important tip is that your needle marks will leave permanent holes in the oilcloth so this makes mistakes a bit harder to unpick.  Some of the first wallets I made I unpicked so many times I have had to discard them completely.  A big learning curve.

Happy sewing.


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