Another busy day

6 Aug

It always feels so busy, sometimes so much so that to grab that cup of tea or coffee takes forever and when the kettle is finally boiled and you have that lovely warm drink standing there ready to be slurped down…. I forget about it and it goes cold.  Not clever I know, but there are other things that have got me distracted.  Masterpiece complete and interest of friends still very encouraging.  Thank you.  I set myself an easier task today and got through some of a purse.  The colours look lovely together and the red polka dot has got to be the favourite fabric of the week, absolutely.  I will have pictures posted tomorrow.  It is great to start these little journeys in life never knowing where they might lead us.  This week alone has brought me highs and lows of equal measure, one minute I feel like I am invincible in it all and have the potential to do well out of this creativity, yet in other moments I have hit rock bottom and feel I am going nowhere.  Guess it rings true to the bigger journey of life with all its highs and lows.  Just got to persevere and believe, surely with that comes strength and strength gives me the motivation to continue.


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