Book Review – ‘Chic Bags’

18 Nov

Yes, it has to be a book on bags.  A friend passed this one to me from the library, she is as excited about bag making as I am.

‘chic bags’ is written by Marie Enderlen-Debuisson and Caroline Laisne.  The authors talk through some tips to help you with the basics in bag making including clasps, fasteners and a big plus for me… how to put a zipper inside the shell and lining of a bag, I know sounds simple, but I’m still learning.  At the back of the book it has ‘half-size’ patterns good for photocopying of all 22 bags presented.  There are some small stylish handbags, drawstring gym/shoe bags, various tote bag styles and a retro style bowling bag .  It also offers a range of interesting and different materials to work with, inclusive of my all time favourite oilcloth, some of the other fabrics are faux fur and faux leather bags; some different weighted cottons and even a fleece bag.  The steps are clear with some diagrams and photographs to help you along the way.  I have picked up some good ideas from the book.  I especially like the detachable  inside pockets for mobile phone or keys on some of the bags.  Yes, some inspiration for my bag making with some different ideas to my own.  Thanks friend.


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