Folksy Friday

19 Nov

This one was inspired by my daughter.  Her first understandable word being DUCK.  She still really loves them.  Here follows the theme…and my very first ever Folksy Friday:

“Three little ducks went swimming one day” handbound notebook

Kate Bowles
“Three little ducks went swimming one day” handbound notebook
Beautiful – look yellow ducks!


childrens ducks fabric canvas art

paper elephant: So cute, perfect in a child’s bedroom.

Rubber Duck Christmas Cards – Design Three

Knit-Knacks – Getting with the season, I would love some of these, my daughter will be singing with delight.


Funky farmyard duck friends 18 – 24 months –

Claire gypsy rose designs – Ducks and more, there is something for boys too, in this creative collection, take a look.


sitting ducks large purse

Emily Pickle – Fab, just up my street, great for my Christmas stocking!


Duck Wedding Topper

amys clay critters – Gorgeous, for something unique on a wedding day.


Duck Pond Butterdish

Laura Lee Designs – Beautiful work, there are some more pieces to go with this theme, have a look through the above link.


Dinky Duckies Charm Bracelet

Miss Ria
Dinky Duckies Charm Bracelet
Lovely, so quirky and unusual,  very clever.


Such great work from all these artists.  Well done and happy Friday to everyone.


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