Gift Bag Tutorial for the Christmas Festive Season

4 Dec

This makes me very excited.  A tutorial on how to make your own gift bags and they really are that simple, just like wrapping a present, no sewing required…

1.  Cut out a rectagular shape, depending on size gift bag you would like.  I cut out this one to 23″long by 22″wide(width of wrapping paper doubled over) Double the wrapping paper over and leave a small flap of 2.5″.  Fold this over.

2.  Fold a 2″ flap down the side.  Then measure 3.5″ and fold.  Measure 7″ and fold.  Repeat the 3.5″ and fold.  You should have 7″ left.

3. Fold up a 2.5″ flap at the bottom of the bag, then open it up again – the fold line will help when folding in the base.  

4)  With Glue or tape fold the flap over and stick.  You will end up with the shape below.

5)  Now you need to fold in your base.  Use the 2.5″ fold you made earlier to help make the base even.

6)  With glue or tape stick down the folds.

7)  Cut out card board base to support the bag.

8)  Cut out two 6″ strips to help reinforce the handle holes.  Stick this down. Measure and punch holes through the bag.

8)  Lastly add your handles with ribbon or gift ribbon.  Cover the cardboard and ribbon with some more wrapping paper.  There you have it a beautiful GIFT BAG.

Why not add a card out of the same wrapping paper?

I would like to add ‘Christmassy’ tutorials through this month leading up to the 25th.  Lots to make and do, mainly paper craft.  Things to do over this month perhaps?


3 Responses to “Gift Bag Tutorial for the Christmas Festive Season”

  1. Jane (Groovy Pumpkin) December 7, 2010 at 12:00 pm #

    Wow, this is a great tutorial – I may have a go at this!!
    Jane x

    • diannajessie December 7, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

      Yes, these gift bags are a real treat and easy to make, have fun…


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    […] at the idea-packed Diannajessie’s blog there’s a tutorial for making a Christmas gift bag… which of course are brilliant because they can be resused!  Another rather wondrous […]

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