How to make Paper/Card Christmas Hanging Decorations

8 Dec

This is a great way to entertain yourself and any children for a little while one day, and at the end you will have some pretty hanging decorations for around the Christmas Tree.  Be prepared for a little or perhaps a lot of glitter landing up everywhere depending on the age of your children – my little one decided upending all of the red on the floor was a very good idea.  That’s all part of the fun!  I learnt this decoration when supporting a New Zealand teacher who was doing an art and craft lesson with some year six pupils just before Christmas a few years ago.  A clever and simple idea.  Thank you.

1) Get an A4 piece of coloured paper or card spread glue on one side.

2) Decorate your paper with glitter and/or felt tips.  Leave to dry and repeat on the other side.

3) Fold the A4 Paper into quarters

4)  Leave paper folded and cut diagonal lines from the short folded side to the long folded centre, leaving roughly 1cm before the fold.  Each diagonal line cut roughly 1cm apart.  

5)  Unfold the paper, you should have a shape like this:

6)  Fold the inner most diamond shape around so the tips overlap and tape.  Fold the next diamond shape the other direction so the tips overlap and tape.  Continue the above working in alternate directions.  I started to staple as soon as I could get the stapler in between the diamonds, as my tape is not very sticky!

7)  Once you have finished this, take a needle and thread.  Thread a piece of cotton through top point and hang.  Ah, isn’t that a lovely decoration to hang?


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