How to Make a Gift Box

12 Dec

I was taught this by a friend when she came round one day and wanted to help my little boy sort out some of his smaller ‘lego’ pieces.  This is a fantastic way to impress, you can make little ones or bigger ones if you have good sized card.  I made these out of A4 size card.

1.  Cut out 2 squares, one measures 21cmby21cms the other 20cmsby20cms.

Glue and stick Christmas paper (optional).

2.  Draw diagonals lines from each corner to opposing corner.

3.  Fold all four corners into the centre point and make the folds sharp.

4.  Fold each triangle in half so that the middle of each meets the centre.

5.  Cut a straight line down two opposing fold lines(cut to one fold before the centre line).

6.  Now fold down the big triangle along original fold lines, you will have two side flaps, these will be used to hold the box together.

7.  Tuck these flaps behind the small triangle as you are folding it down.

8.  Repeat all of the steps above with the second square of card.

Fill the box with a present for Christmas and fit the boxes together.

Wow, that was more complicated to explain than I anticipated, if you have any questions please ask.  Good luck and enjoy the finished box looks very good!


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