Folksy Friday – Craft Kits

17 Dec

I do love a good craft kit.  I think that it is such fun to be able to sit down with a little one/ or not so little ones on a cold wet or rainy day and do something constructive and creative.  Here are a few from folksy.  Thanks to the artisans below who have let me share their kits.

Wonder Stuff……Craft Kits:

Large image

SEWING KIT – Red + White Felt Christmas Hearts

Lovely – perfect for the festive season, would look beautiful on the Christmas tree.


Large image

Mini Bunting Kit – Perfect Christmas Stocking Gift

This would be fun to do, lots of arranging and sewing on of bits and bobs.

kelso kreations:

Large image

Kids Craft pack

Lets get creative – possibilities are endless with this pack

NEDay Crafts:

Large image

Funky Heads Craft Kit 2- 7 Years

I love this idea, these reminded me of ‘grass heads’ without the grass – very cute.


Happy weekend and holidays for any school children – and parents alike??


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