Growing List of On-line Haberdashery Shops…

23 Dec

Thought I would begin a list of on-line  ‘Haberdashery’, craft and sewing machine accessory shops.  There are so many and lots I have found have been for my search of quality products – with bag making at the forefront of my mind.  This is the beginning of a list.  Some I have used and others I have found which I have remembered and gone back to have another look.  If you have any you would like to add and share please leave a comment and a link to the on-line shop and I will add it to the list below.  So here goes:

This one is all about sewing machines and accessories, if you are anything like me and break lots of needles here is where to go for bulk buying of good quality ones at a better price than by the small packet of six.

This site is good for sewing machine accessories, I have bought some presser feet from them.  I also spied a good deal on continuous zips.  They offer  a good amount of sliders with the zip on a reel.

Okay, this one I visit to look at the beautiful bag patterns they have, I have yet to buy anything from them.  But will soon.

I got my cutting mat and cutter from here and now receive a great quarterly magazine from them which I have blogged about, they are based in Birmingham.

This was one of the first sites I came across when becoming addicted to browsing the internet in search of all things handbaggy – Lisa Lam is an inspiration to many.

This site is great for all those bits and bobs for bag making too, I like the webbing they have.  I have seen that they are expanding and have added wool and stitching items to the product list.

This I found today and got excited and ordered a whole lot of clasps for my bag making in the new year.

A fantastic shop for all sorts of crafts, have ordered from them before.

I just found this haberdashery shop through a quilting site I have been looking at: I like some of here posts and the site also talks through various methods of patchwork.

This has some good deals on bag fasteners it also sells varying lengths of webbing.


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