Folksy Friday – Quilts and Patchwork

7 Jan

I am in awe of anyone who does quilting and patchwork.  It is still a mystery to me, even though I have a mother who does so much of it.  I guess by the time she got really into it I had moved away from home and was never sitting under the sewing table trying to press her machine pedal in order to ‘help’ her marvellous creations along.  I have not previously considered venturing into quilting myself, until this year.  The reason for this is each quilt takes a great deal of forward thinking and planning and lots of work, which indeed any sewing project does, but for some reason I am daunted by the prospect of starting such big projects up.  My sewing skills are not quite at the standard of quilts yet.  I guess I also feel the urge to start quilting because of the ‘puzzle patchwork’ I have been doing for my bags.  I need some books and some inspiration.  Here are some beautiful pieces that caught my eye on Folksy this week – thank you to the artisans for allowing me to share their beautiful work.  Please click on their hyper-links below each image to see their full shops on Folksy.

Large image

Cats and Dogs Crazy Quilt


Large image

Keep Me Warm Magical Lap Quilt/Single Topper

Molly Moo and Jessica too

Large image

Garden Squares


Large image

Boy’s patchwork quilt


Large image

The homemade baby quilt “Turtle”


Large image

Girl’s Patchwork Quilt

Tilly’s Corner

Large image

Baby quilt



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