Folksy Friday – Chocolate and Biscuits

14 Jan

It is me, having a love affair with all things sweet.  I can’t keep my hands off the biscuits or chocolate at the moment, bearing this in mind take a look at these fantastic pieces of work from some artisans with shops on Folksy

Large image

Chocolate Houndstooth Clutch

Not Just Handbags



Large image

Pin Boards/Notice Boards/Memo Boards/”Pink Fairy Cakes”

Eternal Earth


Large image

Brown Jewellery Box – Small

From Roberts with Love


Large image

chocolate necklace

Retro Faerie


Large image

Assorted biscuits

Grandma’s Miniature Market


Large image

Biscuit Soap Set – Oreo, jammy dodger, custard cream & bourbon- yummy fun food soap- vegan & suitable for sensitive skin

Bits N Bobs


Large image

Miniature heart shape chocolate box fascinator

A Harem Of Peacocks

Thank you for letting me share your fantastic products!  And enjoy your weekend every one.




One Response to “Folksy Friday – Chocolate and Biscuits”

  1. kaet January 16, 2011 at 9:51 am #

    I’ve just eaten, and yet this is making me hungry – and I don’t even really have a sweet tooth!

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