A Venture into Leather

18 Jan

I have some leather pieces that have been in my possession for a time and am keen to try something with them.  Because they are quite small bits I might try a little, ooh I don’t know, maybe some patchwork with them?  Which I now have started and am finding it quite tricky to work with, I can’t manipulate the leather through my sewing machine as well as I can the oilcloth. It is sticking a lot more than I thought it would, and the movement within the leather cloth entirely different.  I have looked up a  few tips on how to sew leather and have not found anything very helpful yet, apart from using a strong polyester thread rather than cotton .  Has any one any ideas?  I would love some help.

I started with great motivation yesterday and got this far, but stumbled a little as was not sure about how it looked.  I will have another go later on, but here is the work so far:



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