Leather Update and Cut Down to Size

19 Jan

OK second day on the task and I feel quite flat and very small as I thought I would just be able to pick up and sew leather very easily…not the case.  My work doesn’t warrant showing here and I think I need to do a bit more research on how to sew this cloth.  I did find some useful information from some sites.  Any one ever heard of a ‘skiver’ and I don’t mean someone who is a bit work shy!  No, this is a great little tool to shave the edges of leather so that they are thinner and you get a better finished seam.  Take a look at this link, this I found on youtube and there seem to be other video tips on youtube about making ‘designer bags’ from the same source.  So I have learnt something about one tool.  This is what is looks like:

Item image

Perhaps I need one of these to help with the seams??  I feel so insure about working with leather at the moment I might just sit on the thought of it for a while, after climbing back into my comfort zone.


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