Puzzle Patchwork Tutorial

30 Jan

I am learning a little bit more about ‘puzzle patchwork’ and I am finding myself use the internet again to help with a few tips.  I started off in a haphazard type of way with not much thought on the technique and the how too’s.  I had a brief search through a book of mine and that was it.  And with no one I know close at hand doing any form of patchwork I was just blindly leading myself, with a technique which would probably raise eyebrows.  I now find myself becoming more aware and am trying different ways which are less labour intensive and also give a better finish, with less chance of material puckering and getting all lumpy.  I am also discovering an effective way of using my cutting board and rotary cutter…all very new to me.  I am pleased with the progression.  Here is what I am doing now:

Get two pieces of scrap material, roughly the same width, put them right sides together and sew.  Turn so the right side is facing you and sew a top stitch along the side in which you have folded the seam.  I use straight stitch because of the oilcloth but if using other fabric any pretty decorative stitch of choice is fine.

Do this until you have a strip of joined fabric pieces.  If you want to make a diagonal join cut two pieces of fabric exactly the same.  Sew the diagonals together like this:




Continue to put pieces together until you start creating a piece of fabric.  Turn the fabric and join to make the fabric the width and length you want.

Turn the patchwork to get different lines, if you so wish.  Continue to top stitch throughout.

This is my final piece – now I can make a bag.


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