Tips on TipNut – Crafting and More

31 Jan

Today I spent the entire two hours of my little ones nap trawling the internet, what an indulgence!  Couldn’t find the inspiration nor energy on this Monday to get my sewing machine out.  I have been searching everywhere for Mexican Oilcloth in the UK it seems that vivalafrida and are the only two on-line shops with a good selection and they are sister sites too.  I tried ebay, but all has to be shipped from the US for a hefty postage fee.

What I also found was this great site, through oilcloth addict blogspot, I’m hooked all over again. Tipnut offers all sorts of advise and free tutorials about crafting and other things.  It’s great because lots of the tutorials I looked at came from personal blogs, I could spend all day having a good rummage through blogs, it is so addictive.

Finally I have been working hard – NOT – in the kitchen making bread.  The recipe and method was introduced to me by a friend over a year ago.  I have got to say, in my experience, it is the easiest and most consistent way I have ever made bread and it requires absolutely no elbow grease in the form of kneading at all!!!  Sound good? You must give this one a go, I never had the confidence to make bread until this method was shown to me.  Take a look at that bread – YUM.  I will take you through the five minute process with photo’s tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Tips on TipNut – Crafting and More”

  1. kaet January 31, 2011 at 5:01 pm #

    Soda bread?

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