How to Make Bread

1 Feb

This bread is so easy, I would not say that I have ever been a big bread maker before this method was introduced to me.  I tried my hand, of course, but with no ‘bread-maker’ at hand I had to rely on my own kneading and try as I might the bread often came out the oven yeasty and heavy.  Not so with this loaf.  The man behind it is Jim Lahey, a New York Baker, who has devised this method over years of practice and presented it to the world through the New York Times, first and now through his own book.  The first edition is called ‘My Bread-the revolutionary no-work, no knead method‘, available on amazon.  I bought mine soon after I was introduced to his method of bread making and have used his recipe on bread and pizza’s over the past year regularly.  Because of the small amount of yeast and the long fermentation time the breads’ flavour is nutty and delicious as well as more easily digestable!  No need for a bread machine, just an oven proof dish with lid.  Brilliant!

My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method


400g Strong White Flour – you can use any strong bread flour to make up 400g we often put in 50g of granary or wholemeal or even rye flour.

Quarter Teaspoon Fast Action Dried Yeast

Teaspoon Salt (or to taste, the NY time uses 1 and a quarter tsp, I use a little less than 1tsp)

300g/350ml Water

This recipe is very forgiving and once you have tried it, you can start to play around with the measurements and what type of flour you use.


Measure out dry ingredients

Mix together

Add Water mix until you have a sticky ball of dough, don’t be concerned if it looks very wet, it is a wet dough.

Cover and leave for 12 to 18 hours.  We live in a cold flat so during the winter we leave the dough for 18 hours but in the summer months we leave it for only 12.

The next steps will follow tomorrow, once the dough has risen.  I will then be able to show you what it looks like.


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