How to Make Bread – Part II

2 Feb

Second day and here we go…Your dough should look a little bit like this – bubbly and slightly greyish, mmh:)

Flour your work surface and hands, turn the wet dough out of the bowl in one piece.

Flatten out the dough into a rough rectangular shape.

Fold in one side.

Then fold the opposite side over it.

Finally fold the dough over itself again.

In a tea towel laden thick with more flour, or, top tip from friend, cornflour stops the dough sticking to towel even better.  Place the dough seam side down and loosely fold the tea towel over it.

Leave to prove for a further one and half to two hours. The dough should at least double its size.  During the second proving heat the oven to 240degrees centigrade and place your oven proof dish with lid into the oven to heat for the last half hour of proving.

Take out dish, place risen dough into it, seam side up, and put it back in the oven with the lid on.  (TIP:  for small hands use the tea towel to help flop in the dough, it is floppy and very wet, not easy to pick up and manipulate. )Leave for half and hour.

Take the lid off – cook for a further 15minutes.

Take bread out and leave it to cool – by itself on cooling rack.  Try to let it cool properly before cutting bread as it is still cooking inside out of the oven (TIP:  Do take a moment more of your time to put your ear close to the bread to hear it sing to you, as the crust cools it crackles and hisses – it’s a wonderful thing).

Finally cut into it and, if you so wish, laden a slice with thick butter, eat.  Ah, the simple things in life can be so good.  ENJOY


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