The Sewing Book – Alison Smith – Review

19 Feb

I light of my previous post on the 9th February, I succumbed to the temptation and went ahead to buy ‘The Sewing Book’.  Am I pleased?  The jury is out.  In the first section the book takes the reader through various useful tools from the sewing machine to body measurements, altering dress patterns to suit and finally cutting these patterns out, including  definitions of a multitude of different fabrics.  The next section of the book talks about different techniques, most of which relate to dress making and curtains, although some of these skills are definitely transferable to other sewing projects.  There are many skills I have not used and it is good to think ‘Ah, so that’s how you do that!’  A few pennies have dropped.  The final section is a collection of different projects, some more inspiring than others. A clear and well presented book.  Hmm, Yes I think I am pleased with the purchase.  It might motivate me to make a few more cute clothes for my kids.

The Sewing Book


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