Sewing Books and More

22 Feb

It is a busy week as it is half term, so I am a bit quieter with my posts.  We have been out and and about and one place I do like to get to is a great bookshop in Hammersmith, London called ‘The Book Warehouse’.  It has fantastic offers on all sorts of books.  Fab for any one feeding a growing obsession in sewing books and for children’s books too, of course.  We had a good look around and I ended up getting books for all of us, a real treat.  My choices were these two books below:

The Complete Book of Sewing Techniques: A Practical Guide to Sewing, Patchwork and Embroidery Techniques with Over 1000 Step-by-step Photographs, Artworks and Inspirational Plans

This book is written by Dorothy Wood and it caught my eye because of all the mysterious, to me, techniques on patchwork.  Again well presented and clear, I want to get practicing soon.  I think I need a little help with my craft board, rotary cutter and soon to be clear craft ruler!!  I can’t wait.

My second choice was ‘The Pattern Companion Book’  written by a conglomeration of people – Mary Morris, Anita Loiuse Crane, Arden Franklin, Mary Jo Hiney amongst a few others.

The Pattern Companion: Sewing

This one caught my eye because of the crafty projects spanning from toy making to clothing.  I want to get busy again. Both are available on amazon market place.

And… to feed another addiction I went ahead and bought some more Mexican oilcloth from VivaLaFrida.  I just can’t resist it, it being so gorgeous and all mine finished.  So I hope to be making a few more things out of that too.  A friend is wanting a bag for her birthday – so maybe.  Here are the choices I have – STUNNING!


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  1. kaet March 10, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    How pretty!

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