Fleece Flares, Hats and ‘Hoodies’

23 Feb

I have been reading a great book set in North America in the early 70’s and felt inspired to use some of the floral fleece which I’ve been holding onto for an age to make some funky flares for my daughter.  Here is a pair already made.  Love them and want to make more.  I also made a little fleece jumper  for ‘the girl’ and a hat for my son.  Fleece is an easy material to work with and because of its fluffy thickness you can get a good finish quickly.  I would like to do some tutorials on these,but I can’t see myself doing any of those this side of the week, with half term madness going on!

A slightly hidden front pocket – a bit crooked – erhum:)  In too much of a rush – me thinks.

The fleece hat is hiding as the shy boy is not wanting to model it for the camera – maybe I can catch him unawares when we leave the house sometime soon.  Watch out for the ‘undercover’ paparazzi son!!


One Response to “Fleece Flares, Hats and ‘Hoodies’”

  1. kaet March 10, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    You’re definitely inspiring me to try harder with the sewing…

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