In Print – an inspirational guide to using print in your home by Cath Kidston – Book Review

28 Mar

Like her or not, Cath Kidston is in the British consciousness with many of her products everywhere you look here in the UK.

Ok, I am indeed intrigued by Cath Kidston, as she has definitely played a huge part in the revival of vintage prints and with this inkling she has borne the obvious desire for many of us to own at least something from her shop.  This makes her, in my opinion, an insightful, creative person who is now a very clever business woman with a clear vision.  Not only has she embedded her brand on the high street she has also created thoughtful alliances with the likes of big companies such as MacClaren Buggies, Nokia and Millets Camping to name just a few that have used some of her prints on their products too.

Cath Kidston in Print

Onto the review…

This book is about just that – PRINTS – and her fascination with them from an early age.

‘In Print‘  lets Cath Kidston talk you through her journey into prints, how she has collected fabrics from her teen years into interior design and the movement from this into her now very successful business.  It then explores various ways you could use these types of fun vintage printed fabrics around the house.

The ideas she has conveyed are simple yet still ‘fresh’.  She has divided the book up into sections of different types of prints.  Then with in these sections she has chosen some simple ideas of what would look pretty in a particular print – from bean bags in big vintage floral to tote bags in retro florals.

Some lovely ideas, not difficult to do yourself with a little time and some searching and a scratching in those baskets hidden away in the corner of thrifty charity shops.

What do you think of Cath Kidston?  I would love to know…


2 Responses to “In Print – an inspirational guide to using print in your home by Cath Kidston – Book Review”

  1. AGS March 28, 2011 at 6:05 pm #

    Amazing new look, very fresh and light.XA

    • diannajessie March 28, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

      Thanks, I am still getting used to it. I think it works?

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