Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts – Book Review

11 Apr

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts: 150 Inspired Sewing Projects from A-Z

Martha Stewart’s encyclopedia is a must and is good for all levels of crafty people.  Along with lots of projects (150 to be precise) there are some brilliant ‘how to’s’ on all sorts of things, not only on the sewing side of fabrics but also printing and dyeing them too.

As many craft books, it gets you started by talking through some useful tools needed for sewing.  Then it launches into some detailed techniques helpful in sewing both by hand and on the machine.  There is a good section on appliqué and a comprehensive section on embroidery.  I am, of course, interested in the section on patchwork and quilting, especially now that I have attempted a few log cabin squares.  It talks you through making a basic quilt which I have thoroughly read and it has certainly been helpful in my thoughts towards making one myself.

The majority of the book covers an A-Z of projects with great diagrams to illustrate each one as well as clear instructions to go with.  It’s great when you find a book which inspires you to do lots of the projects suggested.  There are quite a few bag ideas, bed linen, curtains, cushions and bathroom towels, book covers in leather or oilcloth, recycling old clothes to make new, toys, fabric topped boxes, quilts and slippers.  In fact so many projects I would love to do.

Another handy little thing to know, the book includes a CD which has a few of the project patterns and templates for you to print out and use.  Fab!

What to do first, that is the question…


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