Tumbling Blocks Quilt Links

13 Apr

I am intensely interested in the idea of creating a 3 dimensional optical illusion on a flat surface.  The traditional quilt pattern I have stumbled upon thus far are the tumbling blocks.  I think they are brilliant.  So I have been looking for patterns and templates to get me started.   Curious Things offers a cushion kit cover doing just that in her Folksy Shop.  I have also looked up on the web and found two other blogs that grabbed my attention – Narrative Self – Stories from the Loft offers a great tutorial on how to draw your diamond template and Quilting Bear offers a good tutorial on how to put one of these blocks together.

Now all I need is A template, some Quilting Fabric, Cutting Board,  Sewing Machine and a small stretch of time, I look forward to it,




I will dream about it….

Antique English Victorian Silk Tumbling Block Patchwork circa 1870The image above is to be found at: http://www.vam.ac.uk/microsites/quilts/detail/100/Antique_English_Victorian_Silk_Tumbling_Block_Patchwork_circa_1870


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