Home Sweet Sewn by Alice Butcher and Ginny Farquhar – Book Review

19 Apr

What would I do without  a library round the corner and a good friend with a keen eye for books.  This one was put in my hand quite some time ago, hope I’m not incurring a massive fine on it whilst she is on holiday.  Better take it back tomorrow, but in the meantime…

Home Sweet Sewn: Over 20 Beautiful Sewing Projects to Make Your House a Home

I like this craft book because when it was handed to me two projects immediately jumped out at me for the spring and summer. The first being an ‘over sized’ garden board game (snakes and ladders), and the other an oilcloth backed blanket with strawberries appliquéd on the top side.

There are also some different projects for indoors and other times of the year: A tea cosy and  a cosy for your coffee cafetière too.  I like the idea of the pin-up patchwork calendar with pockets for each day of the month.  There are also some ideas for hand and machine embroidered pictures and also a bit of appliqué on bed linen and cushion covers.  A good idea, too, on how to use scraps of old material – a door ‘rug’.  I particularly like the authors’ take on appliqué and some of their ideas have sparked a few ideas off in my head.

An extra added goodness to this book is that there are many of the projects templates in the back, to be photocopied and used.  Very helpful indeed.


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