Encyclopedia of Quilts and Patchwork – review

7 May

The Encyclopedia of Quilting and Patchwork Techniques

I was happy to receive this book for my birthday and have been devouring every last photograph and bits of the information at every quiet moment.  Oh, to be a proficient quilter.  One day, maybe.

It briefly covers what type of equipment you need which is not much more than you need for general sewing projects.  So far I have found the section on different techniques interesting as there is a brief description of them as well as some history behind them.  There are many which I would like to try.  Within this section the book discusses a few block patterns, Seminole patchwork, special effect techniques and appliqué.

The next section looks at quilting methods.  Which for me is brilliant because I have been scratching my head about how I would put the top, middle and bottom of the quilt together.  It still feels daunting, but not impossible.

The book is clear and informative. The photographs of traditional techniques are understandable and it has certainly helped to demystify the process of patchwork and quilting for me.  It also has some beautiful descriptions and photographs of some fully made up quilts from traditional through to contemporary.

Definitely worth considering for your shelf if you are beginning or on a journey into the fascinating world of quilting and patchwork.


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