Work In Progress…

10 May

I was not able to come close to even a glimpse of my sewing machine out of its cover the past few days and when I managed to put it on the table today I was a very happy person.  I have lots of ideas brimming and thought I would write a list quick here  on just a few projects I want/need to get started on soon:

  • Bunting
  • A square tote bag
  • backpack for the littlest in the house
  • phone cover
  • nappy bags
  • coin and camera purses

I thought I might start with the backpack, being in the middle of the list, why not?

Here is a look at the material strips I have been cutting and sewing together:

I have started the little bag but I will show the finished bag tomorrow.  And hopefully a small tutorial on how to put piping into the base of a bag in oilcloth later on this week.

Until then.


One Response to “Work In Progress…”

  1. AGS May 11, 2011 at 4:07 pm #

    Beautiful spots mix!

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