How to Change a Large Bath Towel into Two Useful Other Things…

29 May

This is a great little project to do.  Easy to sew within a half hour slot.  Suitable size for 4-7 years  – size it as required to fit a different age group.  Mine was meant to be for a toddler and because of its size and weight it is too big – a little growing is required – do I add water?

Take large towel, cut off 12″ of the width – you will use this to make the hood.

Take the 12″ strip and trim off excess so your hood measures 12″x22″.

Fold this in half and sew up one side.

Cut a hole in the centre of the towel – I made mine 10″ wide and was oval in shape.

Add the hood (raw edges to the towel) –  put a pin in the center back of the hole.

Pin your hood in place lining up the seam on the hood with the center back, pin hood in place before sewing it in.

Trim the raw edge of towel base and top stitch around the hood folding in the front raw edge to stop fraying.

The rest of the 12″ strip can be made into a pretty flannel for the bath – I trimmed mine with sky blue for a bit of contrast.

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