Rain Forecast and now Stops Play at Craft Fair

12 Jun

After deliberating as to whether or not to do the Sunday Craft Fair at Syon Park I decided and cancelled my place on Friday.  I woke this morning to sunshine and couldn’t believe it, but now it has started to drizzle so feel my decision was the right one.  I wanted to do it and have been frantically sewing every spare minute.  But I had little choice with no overhead cover organised.  I tried to track down a decent gazebo to help but hit a dead-end, I have to say I am a wee bit disappointed.

Not all is lost though, I have a day to do a bit more sewing, YAY!! and recently someone ordered a bag with this stunning oilcloth.  So I have something to busy myself with.I do like this print, and can’t wait to see the made up bag.  So pretty.  The rest of the things I made for the fair will hopefully be put in my folksy shop by the end of the day too, so do go over to have a look if you would like.

If a bit of clear sky peeps, I might make my way to Syon Park to have a look at some of my fellow artisans wares.

What ever you are doing enjoy your Sunday.


2 Responses to “Rain Forecast and now Stops Play at Craft Fair”

  1. mm June 12, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    I hope you’ve gone armed with a brolly!

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