Oilcloth Place Mats and Wallet Craft Kits To Go

28 Jun

Our place mats for the table are so well-worn they are finally in the bin to be replaced by these fun double-sided mats.

Also I need some help…when you go to a fair or market what types of things catch your eye?  Market day is coming for me and I am once again scratching my head as to what to make.  I had some brilliant suggestions for the last craft fair I did – bags, aprons, pin cushions and pot holders.  But – what would you buy?  Something big or small, should I focus on all made or some kits too?  Which of my products do you like?  All suggestions welcome.

I finally got round to making a wallet kit – would any one like a go at making one of these?  Email me and I will send you a kit for a starter price of £7.00 including P&P .  Another thought, what about a mobile phone cover kit?  A good easy project to get you started on oilcloth without having to buy reams of it.

Here are two kits ready to go, I would be happy to make others in different prints, just let me know – the kit will come with all instructions, cut pieces needed for the project as well as the zipper and magnetic clasp.

Enjoy what you are doing where ever you are:)


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