Quilting and Patchwork Update

25 Jul

I went to a local quilting group linked to directly to the quilter’s guild recently and loved it.  It is great to sit in a room of women that have a broad knowledge base in the craft I feel so attracted too, all with many years of experience.  We shared current projects and I also found out some of the exciting things happening in the upcoming months.

The Festival of Quilts is in Birmingham from the 11th – 14th August.  I will definitely be heading there for a day.  If you are interested in going, there is lots to see and do including workshops and lectures through out each day.  I have been told that one day is not enough because it is so big, but with a toddler in tow and a bit of a drive to and from I think one day will be a good taster for future ones.  My mum will be showing two of her quilts and she will be there too, so I can enjoy her company at the festival.  Yay!

This looked a bit fun too:


14000 Pennants are needed for the Olympic and Para-Olympic games.  The Pennants can be made from any textile and need to fit into a A3 sized template.  Have a look if you are interested.  Sounds like a great small project all are welcomed.

I look forward to the next meeting.  I think I am going to learn loads.


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