The Dover Bookshop for Inspiration

30 Aug

I took a trip into Covent Garden in London whilst me parents were visiting – A real treat.

Ever heard of the ‘Dover Bookshop‘?  If you have – isn’t is fab?  If not, it is an absolute treasure mine of  excellent permission free – yup, you read right permission free books of illustrations and designs in a variety of forms.

An old freind of mine introduced the shop to me when he was painting very large backdrops for parties.  It is brilliant for inspiration and I could spend many a happy hour there just paging through this superb collection.  I bought myself a book on ‘Islamic Designs’ .  I find these designs fascinating and hopefully, in my long queue of quilts, I want to make one with an Islamic design patched into it.  But first I need to learn how to get my seams to match up in a nine square patch;)

Many of the books also come with a CD included – Fantastic:)

Islamic Designs for Artists and Craftspeople


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