Time to Get Back to some Oilcloth

5 Sep

I think I have had a good break from it, enough water has passed under the bridge.  I feel the need to sew a little oilcloth, I still like it so!

Drama aside;)

Today I was able to make myself a backpack out of oilcloth.  M and R came round the other day, both carrying a ‘DiannaJessie’ backpack.  I was inspired to finally make one for myself.  I often use one as we are mainly on our bicycles to and from places so I can throw just about anything inside it and off we go.  I added a front and side pockets to this one too, for handy access to my mobile and keys which always get lost in amongst all the bits inside the main pocket.  I been carrying an old orange backpack around for at least 10 years now.  Hmmm, definitely time for a new one!


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