Book Review – The Quilting Bible – and a few Tips on Quilting Bloggers

21 Sep

The Quilting Bible: The Complete Photo Guide to Machine Quilting

I’ve spoken a bit about the fantastic book  – ‘The Quilting Bible’ my mum and aunt picked out for me when at the Birmingham Quilts Festival but have yet to review it.  So here is a bit more about it…

The book has a wealth of information and I have spent many a happy moment paging through it to find out more about quilting.  The book is divided into five sections.  The first describes bits about ‘Basic Quilting’  including a vocab list, some sampler quilts to get your practice in, recommended fabrics, what batting to use, equipment to help, binding and caring for quilts too.

The next is a detailed section on  block pieced quilting followed by a sections on sampler quilts and related projects, alternative piecing methods and finally embellished quilts and an index.

The photography and descriptions of the how too’s clear.  As previously mentioned I have found less time consuming ways to do both tumbling blocks and shadowed triangles.

A very handy book to anyone who quilts.

I also wanted to mention that a couple of weeks ago I signed up to the ‘quilters gallery‘ where many brilliant quilter’s blogs are:

Small Quilting Bloggers Logo

Do click the link in my side menu – they have a great resource,  the site also offers fun weekly contests, have a facebook page and you can share your latest quilts through their flickr group.  I have spent lots of time looking at some fab blogs – like it, a lot.

Happy Wednesday – Dianna x


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