Palette For a Quilt

25 Sep

There has not been to much sewing going on here, our little flat is completely upside down with a bit of work going on.  I have been stuck indoors some days waiting for workers to come. With everything being pulled out and put away somewhere else I found my stash of upholstery fabrics which were given to me by one of ‘Mister’s‘ friends.  I do so love the colours and shapes of the fall quilt on the front cover of quilt magazine’, I thought I would use these as inspiration for a new quilt of my own.

In a search on the word ‘palette’ I also found, by chance, this interesting looking blog and website called’.  It’s a free site where you can look at others colour and shape choices and if you’re keen you can sign up and do some creating yourself.  Looks interesting and worth another look.

I did manage a itsy bit of sewing time this afternoon and came up with these – I’m still not sure if the upholstery fabric is going to work like this in a quilt, possibly too bulky on the seams – any suggestions welcome, in other words – HELP!!

Hope your weekends have all been fun.



2 Responses to “Palette For a Quilt”

  1. Rosemary Rush November 30, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    I love these upholstery fabrics and your colour choice is great . When making blocks it helps to have one or two consistent colours in each block so that it ties the quilt together when all the blocks are complete . Just a suggestion.

    • diannajessie December 1, 2011 at 10:18 am #

      Thank you:) I will try to do this, some pieces are small so it will be a challenge.

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