colour in art quilts – Janet Twinn – Book Review

3 Oct

Colour in Art Quilts

An inspiring book with some stunning quilts by the author and other select quilters.  The main focus of this book is creating different colours through various methods which Janet Twinn uses in order to take more ownership of the fabric itself in the process of quilt making.

She explores the theory of colour in detail and the relationship between the colours themselves.  At the Birmingham Quilt festival there was a workshop on dyeing your own fabric – that and now this book it has definitely sparked my interest.  It would be great to do some of my own.

Janet Twinn’s understanding of colour is evident in the quilts she makes and her use of dyeing and painting her fabric makes her quilts even more unique.

A quick overview of the sections included in her book:

Colour theory and the art of dyeing fabric

Colour in context – looking at other methods of colouring fabric and how one can build confidence in how to use colour in your own quilts

Restricted palette – working with a monochrome palette and understanding light and shadows in the absence of colour.

Colour, light and pattern – a deeper look at colour relationships and pattern.  Using simple designed quilts with a focus on the fabric more emphasized.

Location: the significance of time and place – the area in which you live and where you draw inspiration from and how this can change the way you perceive colour.

Colour associations – colour and what type of emotion they can evoke, in particular to the artist creating the piece.

All in all a comprehensive guide to anyone interested in dyeing and colouring fabric for quilt making.


One Response to “colour in art quilts – Janet Twinn – Book Review”

  1. Rosemary Rush October 3, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    What a super book DJ. One needs a good book on colour to help one with choices . One also needs to know a bit about colour theory . Otherwise one can spend hours cogitating about colours . It may be one worth buying .

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