Halloween Drawstring Gift Bag Idea and Tutorial

29 Oct

This is another easy peazy idea and tutorial for Halloween or a birthday or another ‘gifty’ type day.  Use what ever fabric you have in your stash….or I have used a plain unbleached calico for these so I can get the young party goers involved in the decoration of the bag with some fabric pens:)  I made six of these to the following measurements:

For the Body of the Bag:

Cut out a 34cm by 68cm piece of calico cotton or fabric of choice

Fold in half and on the fold line cut out one inch squares at each corner

Sew up the side seams

Fold the side seam to the middle of the fold on the bottom and sew this up for the base of the bag

Repeat on the other side

Iron down quarter inch at the top of the bag

Iron a further half inch to fold in the raw edge

Sew to secure leaving a gap big enough for your tape/rope for the drawstring to go through, fold bag ‘width ways’ in half and snip a small hole at this point for threading your drawstring through

For the Drawstring:

Cut a strip of cotton 3″/8cm wide and long enough to go the diameter of the bag top plus 8″/20cm (I used a strip of 34″/86cms)

Fold in the raw edges, iron and sew into a strip

Get a safety pin- put this into the strip and thread your drawstring through the hole

Tie a knot at each end

Pull closed and there you have a lovely drawstring gift bag –

Ready for drawing all over with fabric pens, come Halloween  :0

Thanks for coming round – I’ll be chatting soon


PS.  Please comment if you have any questions;)


2 Responses to “Halloween Drawstring Gift Bag Idea and Tutorial”

  1. Rosemary Rush October 30, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

    DJ ,
    This is such a good idea . Please take an ‘after the fabric pen decoration ‘ picture for us all to see .
    LOL ,

  2. AGS November 2, 2011 at 11:35 am #

    Your bags were FAB and some little people decided to keep all their SECRET stuff in it now,
    perfect size too! AGS

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