Craft Fair Success

7 Nov

A fantastic craft fair, lots of fun to do and many people through the door meant never a dull moment.  I learned a few things and was really pleased to be there.  There was a huge turnout of local people so we all felt busy through the day.  I sold quite a few little things which made it worth while.  It was a success, definitely.

The things that I sold a lot of were the coin purses and smaller makeup bags and a few little bags.  My gorgeous cushion covers are still with me so I have been able to add them to my ‘Etsy shop‘ and hopefully they will find a happy home.

The upholstery fabric I made them with is something that I was a little worried about when coming to quilting something big.  Now that I have got these cushion covers finished and they look so lovely, I feel much more inspired to try something larger with it.  I tried doing triangular shapes in squares with this fabric here and because it is so thick the seams were close together and very bulky.  But I think I can probably get away with rectangular strips and squares – the log cabin cushions as an example.

Next up – a quilt in upholstery fabric, I just need to choose my colours.


One Response to “Craft Fair Success”

  1. Rosemary Rush November 7, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    Well done DJ . We are so pleased that you sold enough to make it worthwhile . I was thinking of you and holding thumbs . It makes such a difference if lots of people walk through . More fun too just chatting to people.

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