How to Make a Christmas Oilcloth Gift Bag – Tutorial

21 Nov

I love this bag, fashioned on the shop bought Gift bags I thought I would have a go at making one out of Oilcloth and …. it looks great.

Cut out a piece of Oilcloth measuring 42cm wide by 45cm long or 16.5″ by 18″

Fold in half and sew up the two side seams (one will be a seam along the fold)

Cut out two 4.5cm square at each corner on the bottom

Sew up the bottom seam then place the side seam and bottom seam of one corner together and sew up

Repeat this step on the other side

Fold over the raw edge at the top and hem.

If you like – top stitch from each base corner to the top edge (this will help square the bag and it stands nicer too)

Pierce 2 holes on all sides equidistant from eachother (approximately 2.5cms apart)

Thread some ribbon through for handles, tie the loose ends on the inside one corner of the bag.

Now you have an extra cute gift bag to fill with a bottle of Christmas cheer and put under the tree:)

Happy Monday. X



One Response to “How to Make a Christmas Oilcloth Gift Bag – Tutorial”

  1. AGS November 22, 2011 at 12:34 am #

    What a clever idea, really lovely

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