Christmas Place Mats and a tip on a ‘Fusible’

28 Nov

The ‘five more to go’  Christmas Place Mats are finished, I finished the first off over a month ago here and when I was looking for something else – discovered the five uncompleted ones over the weekend.  I am glad I managed to get them done before  Christmas, they will look lovely on the table, whilst the Turkey is roasting in the oven:)

And a little tip on a fusible new to me … I was at a local quilting evening and we were learning a technique on mosaic style quilting using SteamaSeam2.  This is a user friendly fusible which allows you to pick up and rearrange any pieces before you iron it, once ironed your fused fabric will be permanently stuck.  I can see it being lots of fun.

Have a good week,



2 Responses to “Christmas Place Mats and a tip on a ‘Fusible’”

  1. AGS November 28, 2011 at 9:10 pm #

    The mats are stunning, great mix of colour and a “sort of” Christmas theme, looks so much more fun the typical mix of red and green. Are you sure you will not be supplying J. Lewis this year?

  2. Rosemary Rush November 28, 2011 at 10:15 pm #

    HI DJ,
    The applique paper is the way I do all my applique . Is the SteamaSeam2 the same as SteamaSeamLite ? There is one which makes the fabric too thick when applied and you get very sticky needles quite quickly . So I use the Lite version.
    Have been meaning to tell you to look up a quilter by the name of Sharon Schamber. She has a ?web site? blog with free tutorials and she has a very good one on BINDING with and excellent video . If you follow her instruction it is exactly the way I teach binding as well . Her work is SPECTACULAR.

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