New Patchwork Rucksack in the Making

11 Feb

I am really excited about a new project.  A friend of a friend has recently bought herself a beautiful new desigual coat.  Her birthday is coming up too, so M thought it a good idea to ask me to make H a new bag to go with the coat.  M came round and I got bag after bag of my fabric out – I didn’t realise how much of it I have 😉

M rummaged through the bags and got out all the colours and patterned fabrics she liked.  I talked through a few ideas.  I’m so looking forward to making it.  It will have to be a patchwork bag as the upholstery fabric is in quite small pieces.  The colours of the fabric are so gorgeous, it’s going to be fun.

I also had the doorbell ring this morning – the delivery of one new roll of batting has arrived so I can finish off my quilt.

We enjoy the school’s  half term this week coming and a break in the school routine is welcomed.

Thanks for stopping by , I will be back and chatting soon.



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