Folksy Friday – The Tortoise

24 Feb

Hello and welcome to another Folksy Friday on DiannaJessie.

This weeks theme is the tortoise.  I have to admire their slow steady pace as over the past few days I have been working hard at completing a quilt and have felt very much like a tortoise!!  I am sure the reward will be sweet:)

Thank you to these Folksy Artisans.  Do follow any of the links to browse further.

personalised girls tortoise birthday card

molly moo designs

mr tortoise pencil case – zakka style


Tortoise design canvas zipped bag with strap

Figaro’s Fancies

Clay Tortoise Brooch

Pixie & Joy

Tavistock Tortoise toy or pincushion knitting pattern

fluff and fuzz

Tortoise book ends

gigglewood crafts

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.



2 Responses to “Folksy Friday – The Tortoise”

  1. Jardley February 25, 2012 at 11:28 am #

    Love the knitted pin cushion turtle as well as the bookend. But, think if the wood were painted around it such as things in the turtle’s natural environment it wouldve popped more.

  2. becomingcliche February 26, 2012 at 1:56 am #

    The pin cushion is adorable!

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