Quilting Arts Magazine Issue 55 – Review

5 Mar

I love this magazine and think it will have to be grabbed hold of when ever possible.  The new regular feature of how textile artists keep a sketchbook is one of my favourites already. In each issue we are able to peek into a different artists way of doing this and their handy tips to go along – love it!

There is a great interview with the organiser (Ellen Seeburger) of the group twelve by twelve who comprised of twelve individual quilt artists who got together and set up challenges to complete within a certain time frame.  This work is now a published book.  Deborah Boschert, another member of this group, has written some good tips for ‘Quilting Arts’ on how to start up your own quilt group.

There are always some interesting articles on how you can get creative with fabric to change its appearance through surface printing, dyeing and such like – in this issue there is an article on something called deColourant which removes colour but has no bleach in it.

Another useful article is Jane Davila’s, where she interviews several artists about licencing art work.

These were just a few articles which caught my eye, there is lots in here for everyone…and I haven’t even thought to do an art quilt yet.  I’m still on squares and rectangles with a few triangles and curves if feeling brave.

Also, yesterday I went to my first London Modern Quilt Guild Meeting (LMQG).  Was really good to put names to faces and see what plans are set for the future.  We all took a bag of scraps along to swap for the March Challenge which will comprise of making up one or two ‘wonky log cabin’ squares.  The details should be up on the LMQG’s blog soon.
There is a quilts exhibition in the London Swiss Cottage Library see flyer below:Image

And the ‘Stitch and Craft’ show is on at the Olympia in London from the 15-18th March 2012.

So much to see and do, not sure how I will fit it all in, but I’ll try:)

Happy week ahead,



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