Intuitive Colour and Design – Jean Wells

27 Mar

Intuitive Color & Design: Adventures in Art Quilting

This looks a fantastic book which I stumbled on.  Although I can only have a very small look inside on amazon the cover got me….those colours are some of my most favourite!

I have to say the idea of improvisational quilting makes me much more excited than trying to figure out a pattern – liberating.

Jean Wells Blog link  and Jean’s About page  on her website gives you an idea of how much she has contributed to the world of quilting – from making, teaching both business and quilt skills, designing fabric, writing books, being on televised quilt shows and if that is not enough she also owns the shop ‘Stichin’ Post in Sisters’ which was opened in 1975 and is such a success that she was put into the  ‘Primedia Independent Retailer Hall of Fame’ as the first independent retailer – WOW!!  I am in awe.

Intuitive Colour and Design – Adventures in Art Quilting is on my wish list.

Happy Week.



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