Quilting Arts Magazine – April/May Issue – Lots of Food For Thought…

20 Apr

It arrived, finally, after waiting for what seemed like an age – two weeks, three days – to be exact, my most favourite magazine graced itself to a shelf in WHSmiths.  I was so excited about it I jumped for it, almost barging into someone with my enthusiasm.  She smiled and called it a red-letter day for me:)

This magazine has not yet disappointed me, it has so much in it that I selfishly want to shut myself in a room, just it and me until it has been read cover to cover with no distractions.

This issue includes one of my recently discovered and hugely inspirational Rayna Gillman who does a great article on ‘Stitch Therapy’  where she talks about free-form quilting and its meditative qualities – don’t miss it.  I have said before and I say again, the idea of improvisation within the quilting realm is a huge buzz and I feel very drawn to this side of working with textiles.

There is also a fascinating article on Alicia Merret who uses colour brilliantly and her quilts are stunning.

Another regular in here is ‘Sketchbook Keeping for the Textile Artist’.  Each issue features a different artist and how they use their sketchbooks to help future projects.  Annie Helmericks-Louder shares her sketchbook ideas – a great insight and since starting to buy this magazine I’ve also invested in my own sketchbook and have begun to log ideas and thoughts down too.

I also like the article on ‘Quilting in Circles’ by Carol Turner.  I was particularly interested to read it as I was considering this type of quilting on my 12″x12″ block for the LMQG challenge this month.  The technique looks good and I’m especially keen on it because there is no need for using any form of markings on the quilt top, and it uses a mixture of free-motion and standard quilting methods.

There are other good articles too – dying with the ‘arashi shibori’,  a Japanese tie dye technique, ‘extreme embellishing’ -free-form, online groups for fibre artists, and more, much more!

This magazine is fantastic – I look forward to trying out some techniques explained – and sharing them with you.

Happy weekend and thanks for coming over,



One Response to “Quilting Arts Magazine – April/May Issue – Lots of Food For Thought…”

  1. janelightfoot April 20, 2012 at 8:45 pm #

    Sounds delicious! I sense your enthusiasm and it’s catching!

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