Finding My Voice

25 Apr

Is there an unconscious global Quilting network?

It’s interesting exploring different design and colour in textiles – finding my own voice is something that’s been on my mind.  There are so many talented fibre artists.

I’m finding that, when contemplating a design, and trying to create ‘new’ designs that I think are unique – something I’ve not yet seen – often I stumble upon something remarkably similar to what I thought – and bang it hits me in the face – there it is, the’ global unconscious quilter’s network‘.  hmm, maybe or maybe it’s all those lovely blogs I read which  are merging and seeping into my subconscious to re-emerge in my work:)

I’m in search of my own quilting voice…

In the meantime some inspiration,

Frieda Anderson who has a fantastic website where she shares her work and much more.  She has written three books, on dying, free-motion quilting and fusing – all of these subjects I am fascinated in.

and for me some play out of my colour comfort zone

Happy Wednesday,



One Response to “Finding My Voice”

  1. Handmade by Claire Bear May 3, 2012 at 7:14 pm #

    Yes, I think there must be. Today I was working on an idea in my head while I was surfing the internet, only to I clicked on a link that took me to a photo that showed that someone else had got there first! Frustrating!

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