Tate Modern Visit

9 May

I don’t know who was more excited, myself or my wee daughter as we headed into London for a day out at the Tate Modern.  London has such an energy about it too, the pulse on the pavement adding to my joy and anticipation of visiting such a fantastic place.

I found that I could get a combined ticket for the Yayoi Kusama Exhibition and another artist, Boetti.

I was blown away by Yayoi Kusama, she is truly a fascinating character and brilliant artist.  Her exhibition was filled with loads of different rooms all of which were thought-provoking.  It certainly challenged me to try to put myself into the art itself  – I would have gone through a second time had I the chance.  It is certainly worth the visit.

Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan, as I had little idea what to expect had some very pleasant surprises.  Firstly that he uses embroidery in quite a lot if his work.  He also used biro pens covering big pieces of paper and with very short brush strokes he created a texture which looked like it had been stitched, very clever.

I loved our day out – next stop:


One Response to “Tate Modern Visit”

  1. Rosemary Rush May 11, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

    Hi DJ,
    Thanks for a lovely trip around the exhibitions at the Tate Modern . I can imagine your enthusiasm and delight at viewing these amazing artists works . I cant believe what dots can achieve! As usual your blog is so easy and interesting to follow and your links are excellent .
    Thanks again .

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