Intuitive Color and Design – Jean Wells – Book Review

17 May

Intuitive Color and Design – adventures in art quilting by Jean Wells is a book well worth having in your library.  I have mentioned her before here.  She has a wealth of experience having been in the quilt business in various forms for thirty-five years!

This book is wonderful because Jean encourages you to ‘learn to see’.  I love how she has photographed some things that are of inspiration to her.  She then talks of how useful a sketchbook is as a tool to use to develop your ideas in – from the initial photograph of choice into sketching out your ideas and colour palette and finally to the finished quilt.

Further into the book Jean writes about how to piece – including methods on angles, strips, narrow insert, detailed piecing, curved and stitch and flip piecing.  With each of these different methods there is an assignment you can do in order to gain confidence.

The next chapter discusses colour along with some basic colour theory including colour families and harmonies – monochromatic, analogous, complementary and accented neutral colours.  Jean gives advice on how to use colour to help show it off and here too there is an assignment to get you thinking of how best to use the solid colours and patterned fabric in your quilt.

Following this Jean Wells talks about quilt design – Abstraction, the principles and the elements.  Again there is an assignment into which you can learn to develop these design techniques.

In the final chapters there are various finishing techniques and ‘off the wall quilts’ shared.

This is a comprehensive book along with useful thought-provoking assignments to get you thinking and doing to gain confidence with the all important elements of piecing and quilting art quilts.


One Response to “Intuitive Color and Design – Jean Wells – Book Review”

  1. Barbara Harms Fiber Art June 24, 2012 at 9:42 am #

    I live in Oregon and have been able to attend Jean’s brainchild the annual “Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters Oregon”, it covers the town of Sisters. Quilts everywhere!! I found this book so liberating & inspiring, breaking out of the box. She’s quite an amazing woman, business woman,quilter, artist, author, mom and grandmom.

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