Follow Up On Dyeing

11 Oct

Thanks to all for the informative comments about ‘Dyeing Fabric’.  For any one who is here for the first time and interested in this subject I started building a resource list here.  From there some fellow bloggers replied with some further info on how they dye.

Katherine from Art Journal-A Creative Journey Said:

Dianna, I have been dyeing cloth since 2001. I have always been led to believe (from the experts) that one needs at least 70 degrees weather to get good procion mx dyed results. So I always made sure the water was warm, the weather (or heated garage) was warm, etc, etc. Ice and snow dyeing are now all the rage and after seeing those results, I just am not so sure if the warmth makes any difference! People are getting lovely results. (I have not had time yet to conduct my own experiments.) If you notice, procion mx dyes are called “cold water dyes”, which I always thought was a little strange.

And Marianne from Marianne Bos – Quilt Artist Said:

Hi Dianna , Nice to see you use some thicker fabrics for this piece as it will give it more texture. I see you are interested in dyeing, I use procion dyes and find them great. I bought the book “Fabric Dyer’s Dictionary” by Linda Johansen and this has all the recipies in it for all the colours, but you can always have fun experimenting on your own! Maybe try some rusted fabrics too (also a heap of fun) Regards Marianne

I also found Artnextdoor’s blog again who spoke through the way she dyes her fabric.

Here is a cover and link for the book:

Fabric Dyers Dictionary: The Only Dyeing Book You'll Ever Need

Image courtesy of

Happy Looking,



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