In The Studio With Angela Walters – Book Review

10 Feb

I’ve been meaning to review Angela Walters’ new book, In The Studio, since it arrived in the post from my mum in January.

Photo Courtesy of

I found Angela’s blog – quilting is my therapy some time last year and often dip into it to see what she is up to with her quilting.  She is described as a self-professed modern quilter and her ideas for quilting are interesting and inspiring.

Her book offers an insight into how she quilts for others, as well as ten quilt projects.  What I like about her quilting is that it often varies across a single quilt.  Each chapter discusses different quilting styles from – movement, layers/depth, adding details to the existing quilt pattern, stitching in the ditch, making your quilting take ‘center stage’, quilting for contrast, texture, and colour, and last but not least how to create a sense of scale with in your quilt.

The book is an in depth account of Angela’s quilt experience with easy to follow instructions to make up the ten quilts as well as try out her techniques.  I found the chapter on threads enlightening as I am still never sure what thread to quilt with.  There is so much choice out there.  Also with my bed quilt top almost finished I’m sprawling over her photos and techniques to be inspired.

It’s a good book discussing many different ways to enhance the quilting in your projects.  So, instead of it being in the background for all those practical reasons it comes forward to be enjoyed as an important and integral part of your quilt.

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