Color By Accident Low Water Immersion Dyeing – Ann Johnston – Book Review

21 Feb

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I found this book first in the recommended reading list of Helen Deighan’s book Dyeing in Plastic Bags and took fancy to buying it to find out how Ann Johnston dyes her fabric.  Terri from quilternity has a sale on both Color By Accident and Ann Johnston’s other book Color By Design.  I bought both from her and was very pleased at receiving them across the atlantic promptly.  Thanks Terri:)

Color by Accident offers comprehensive information about low water immersion techniques Using Procion MX dyes with some photos and step by step exercises to practice getting different results with your hand dyeing.  She goes into details about the chemicals used, along with what fabric suits and the time and temperature needed for good results.  She also discusses colour and how to achieve these with Procion MX Dyes.

I like the logical approach of this book.  Now that I have tried primary and secondary colours a few times I’m interested in getting more texture,gradation of the same colour, less even results, over dyeing and mixing up the colours some more, this book looks like it will offer help in all of these areas.

Looking forward to experimenting and sharing the results.



One Response to “Color By Accident Low Water Immersion Dyeing – Ann Johnston – Book Review”

  1. snarkyquilter February 22, 2013 at 1:06 pm #

    Thanks for writing about helpful books, especially ones about dyeing, my new passion. Often I hesitate to buy a book without knowing whether it’s going to be useful. I’ll look forward to seeing you color gradations.

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